Reading a PDF file

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Reading a PDF file

Reading a PDF File


Docsvault PDF Editor provides you several tools, as well as menu commands that makes reading, navigating and using PDF document much easier.


Pages can be resized to make them easier to see, and you can jump directly to a page number, step through a document page by page, or scroll the pages as you read them.


Viewing the document using the Select tool


The Hand tool allows you to view the document in the read mode. When you select the Hand tool and then click on the page, you will notice pan tool. The Pan Tool will move your document in the screen allowing you to scroll your document.


This session covers:


Page Navigation

Page Display




Page Navigation

The Page Navigation toolbar contains the necessary tools to navigate within a PDF document.  




To go to the First Page, click on ico.view.Goto.FirstPage.32 or use the Home key. Clicking on ico.view.Goto.LastPage.32 or using the End key will take you to the Last Page in the document.

Clicking on ico.view.Goto.PrevPage.32 takes you to the Previous Page in the document, and ico.view.Goto.NextPage.32 takes you to the Next Page.


Clicking on ico.view.goto.prevView.32 takes you to the Previous View, and clicking on ico.view.goto.nextView.32 takes you to the Next View.


The Navigation tools are located in the View as well as in Status toolbar to quickly move about PDF pages and documents.



To go to a specific page,  press Shift + Ctrl + N or select View/Go To/Page... Enter the number of the page in the Go To Page.. box.



Page Display

The toolbar provides several methods for displaying pages in PDF Editor


ico.pagelayout.OnePage.32 Single Page: Will show only one page pf the PDF at a time.

ico.pagelayout.OneColumn.32 Continuous: Will scroll continuously and smoothly. The document display area can show parts of two adjacent pages. (For example, the bottom  of page 2, and the top of page 3 with a small gap between the pages.)

ico.pagelayout.TwoPages.32 Two pages: Similar to single page. Only two pages will be shown adjacently at a time.

ico.pagelayout.TwoColumns.32 Two pages continuous: Display area will scroll continuously and smoothly. Document display area will contain two columns of pages.




Clicking View > Bookmarks item shows the Bookmarks pane. If the Thumbnails pane is displayed, this hides it. 





The Bookmarks pane has a Bookmark Editor Toolbar at the top of the page that will allow you to add, change, or remove Bookmarks from the active document. 


The Bookmarks Tree below the Editor Toolbar contains the list of Bookmarks for the active document.

Clicking the Options button or right-clicking any bookmark brings up the Bookmark pop-up menu:



The menu options are:

Go to Bookmark. Changes the current displayed page to the one the bookmark points to.

New Bookmark.... Create a new bookmark.  

Cut. Cuts the selected bookmark.

Copy. Copies the selected bookmark.

Paste. Pastes the copied bookmark.

Delete. Deletes the selected bookmark.

Rename. Allows you to rename the current bookmark.

Set Destination. Sets the bookmark to point to the currently selected page area.

Make Current Properties Default. Sets the default properties of all bookmarks to match the currently-selected bookmark.

Apply Default Properties. Applies the default properties to the selected bookmark(s).

Text Size. Sets bookmark font size. Valid values are: Small, Medium, Large.

Wrap Long Bookmark. Toggling this on allows long bookmark text to wrap to multiple lines. If this is unchecked, then long bookmarks will take up only one line but will appear truncated in the bookmarks pane.

Show/Hide Icons. Shows or hides bookmark icons.

Import Bookmarks.... Imports currently selected bookmarks.

Export Selected Bookmarks.... Exports currently selected bookmarks.

Export All Bookmarks.... Exports all bookmarks.

Properties.... Allows general, style and action properties of bookmark



Clicking Thumbnails displays the thumbnail display which allows selecting pages and performing operations.


Pages can be selected in the Thumbnails pane by left clicking them.  Page ranges can be selected by drawing selection rectangles with the mouse.  Hold the Ctrl key while left clicking to select multiple pages, independently.


If the Bookmarks pane is displayed, then thumbnails are hidden.