Using Docsvault Mobile

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Using Docsvault Mobile


Once you've connected to Docsvault Mobile app, it's time to start finding, downloading and viewing your Docsvault documents.


Throughout Docsvualt you’ll see the fileprop icon – tapping this is like right-clicking on a mouse, and gives you additional options.



Home Screen


Let us get familiar with each component:



Left Navigation Menu:




Tap the device menu button to see the following options:


My Documents:
You can view directory listing of all your cabinet, folders and files under this section


My Workspace:

My Workspace section provides you with personalized views of files and folders.


Favorite Folders: A list of folders located throughout Docsvault that you have flagged as favorite.

Favorite Files: A list of frequently used files flagged as favorites for quick access


The workflow node allows you to access your workflow tasks:


My Workflow Tasks: A list of workflow tasks assigned to you

Participated By Me: A list of workflow tasks you have participated. Does not show tasks for completed workflows.

Managing/Watching: A list of all workflow tasks for workflows you are managing or watching


Recent Documents:

My Recent Documents section allows you to quickly access your recently created and accessed documents:


Accessed Documents: A list of documents recently accessed by you

Created/Imported: A list of documents that you have recently added

New Versions: A list of new document versions created by you


My Settings:


Settings: Opens Docsvault Mobile settings.


User information: Displays user's login credentials such as user name, password, server and login time.


Clear Local Cache: To flush the information stored locally.


Version: This applications Version number.


Terms of Services and Privacy Policy to use Docsvault Mobile app


Help: Get to this help section!



Center Panel /Navigation content


This section displays files and folders available to you as per your security rights.


You can tap refresh from the bottom bar to refresh the current list.


Top bar

From any screen, tap navigation  navigation icon to return to the home screen or tap the back back icon to go to the previous screen.

Tap Search searchicon on the top bar of center list panel to find your files and folders.



Bottom bar

The bottom bar in the center panel displays controls that allow you to add new folders, upload new files, sort, refresh, copy, cut, and delete selected files.