Setup Docsvault Mobile App

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Setup Docsvault Mobile App

System Requirements


For iPhone or iPad: iOS 9.0+


For Android Phones or Tablets: Android 5.0+


Installing the Docsvault Mobile


important Important:

In order for you to access the documents and data saved in Docsvault using mobile apps, Docsvault Web Access must be configured using a secure connection (https://) and you must be allowed to access Docsvault via web. For more information about Web access settings, refer Setting up Web Client, Web Manual. Once configured and permitted you can connect your mobile app using the normal Docsvault Web URL  



You can find Docsvault free mobile app at the app store for your device. Search the store for "Docsvault" and then follow the instructions to download and install Docsvault Mobile on your mobile device


iPhone, iPad: iTunes App Store


Android devices: Google Play


Each app might have slightly different installation instructions, but in general the steps to install Docsvault's free mobile app are as follows:


Use your device to visit the app store for your device type.

Search for "Docsvaullt" in your store. Use the latest version of Docsvault app to work with the current version of Docsvault server.

Click the appropriate button to Install

Enter your credentials and confirm the installation or download. The Docsvault Moblie app appears on your phone.

Browse to the Docsvault Mobile app and open it.



Logging In and Out of Docsvault Mobile app:

In order to log into Docsvault Mobile, you will need a secure Docsvault Web URL. Lets say your URL looks like





Tap on Docsvault Mobile launch icon

In the login form, enter your username and password

Web URL: Enter Docsvault web url e.g Docsvault uses HTTPS (443 port) to securely transmit data from Docsvault repository.

Tap Sign In to validate and access your Docsvault server via your mobile device.


The next time you access Docsvault Mobile, you will not be prompted for your login credentials again.  Docsvault allows you to login to multiple mobile devices at the same time.



To LOG Out


From left navigation menu, tap Setting > Log Out to log out from Docsvault Mobile app.


doc_security Security Note:


Only users with the rights to access Web client can access Docsvault using Mobile app