Docsvault Mobile Apps

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Docsvault Mobile Apps

note Note:

This app requires Docsvault v8 or later installed on your own server with secure web access configured.



Docsvault Enterprise & Ultimate Editions include Docsvault Mobile App, a free mobile document management service designed to allow small and medium companies looking to quickly and cost effectively empower their mobile workforce. Docsvault Mobile App has been designed and optimized for a rich collaboration experience for iOS and Android smart phones and tablets, which enables you to view all your contents stored in your Docsvault on-premise repository.



For example:

A  Manager having meeting with his clients away from the office, can easily access the contract agreement details from his corporate data without loosing any time using Docsvault mobile apps.




Here are some benefits:-


Available on PC, laptop or smartphone (one price covers all)

Access your corporate data 24/7, without the need for any other remote access software

Support for both iOS and Android devices

Real-time syncing with Docsvault on-premise repository

Open documents in your favorite apps (QuickOffice HD, Polaris Office, PDF viewer and other similar apps)

Access & Share your documents from any location

Upload & tag profiles to a document

Enterprise-class security- Safely exchange data over secure HTTPS connections

Add your notes to documents

Manage your workflows on the go



Docsvault Mobile App Feature Summary


All features are the same on both iOS and Android unless otherwise noted.


Remote access to your corporates data – on the road, at your home office, from anywhere.


Easily navigate your documents across Docsvault repository  

Sync your favorite documents and folders for viewing / Mark folders and documents as favorites for instant access.


Upload and tag profile to a new file / Create Folder and Upload files (image formats) from your device into Docsvault system

Access your Docsvault Workflow tasks on your mobile device. Receive workflow notifications, take ownership, delegate or perform required actions on tasks  while on the move.

Upload files from other apps to your Docsvault repository using the 'Open In' feature

Convert image files to PDF while uploading them to Docsvault (allows OCR of captured documents)

iOS users can email/share Docsvault documents using a standard share button


Scan and upload documents with their phone’s camera

View document information and properties

Manage Microsoft Office files, PDF, images, video etc...


Add and view document notes from others


Quick Search using full-text, file and folders name including document profile index values

Track document versions


Delete multiple files and much more!