Uploading Documents

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Uploading Documents

With businesses and users being spread across various geographical locations, a central location to store and manage documents is the need of the hour. Docsvault Enterprise, Online Document Management System is an ideal solution for users who work remotely and deal with a large number of files. It allows you to store, organize and share all your documents making sure your documents are always relevant, up-to-date and easily accessible from anywhere.


You can add multiple individual files and store them in Docsvault in one GO.


To upload a document in Docsvault repository


This procedure uploads documents into Docsvault repository using web client.


You can add multiple individual files and upload them into your shared folders in one go.


Right click on the selected folder to open its context menu and then click on Upload Files
Click on the 'Upload Files' icon from the tool bar


The will open up the 'Upload Files' dialog. Use the 'Add Files' button to select files to upload from your desktop or simply drag and drop files into the upload dialog.

Alternatively, you may also directly 'Drag & Drop' files from your desktop directly into the main file list (without first opening the 'Upload files' dialog)


Uploading a file in Docsvault repository

Uploading a file in Docsvault repository


Left section displays all the files selected for upload. You can remove a file from the upload list by selecting the delete button next to it.


Right section will allow you to enter the short description, select section and profile for individual file.


If you wish to have same information to apply for all the files or folders, select 'Apply to All Uploads .  You also have option to apply different profile and section for each file.  


Click on Upload button to begin uploading the files in Docsvault repository.


While importing files using web client application, you will have an option to either overwrite, create new file version or keep both copies for duplicate files. You can perform the actions such as copy, cut, paste, delete and rename a document as in desktop client application.

If you import an image-only PDF file, it will be converted it into Searchable PDF file with Docsvault's inbuilt optical character recognition (OCR) module. For more information, see Working with PDF Documents.




Administrators or users with 'Create Profiles/Indexes' rights can create custom document profiles specific to each type of document to be imported in Docsvault.



note Note:

You may upload multiple documents with this method based of the file size limit and number of files upload limit set by the admin in Docsvault Web Manager. By default, the size limit for uploading a file is set to 20 MB.


Please make sure the total characters in file names for the added document is less than 254 characters.


You can change the profile associated with a document either at the time when you upload the file or later by editing the file properties using Properties dialog.


Docsvault will display the list of files that could not be imported for any reason.


You cannot import any link/shortcut files in Docsvault.