Uploading to a Document Request

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Uploading to a Document Request

What Your Recipient Sees


If you have sent a document request via Email Request Link option, that user will receive an email with a secure link to upload the files.




When they click on the link, a page will be display which will allow them to upload a file into your Docsvault system.


If they are accessing the link from their web browser, they can use Drag and Drop or Choose a File option to upload files.  


To add files from their iOS or Android device, they can open the link on their device and select Choose a File option.




When you share a link with the Require Sender Information option checked, the user will be asked to enter the following details for login such as first name, last name and company's name. Note that these information is collected by Docsvault for tracking access log.


If you have set Password to access the shared link, the user will have to enter the password shared with them by you.


Add comments: The user can leave comments. These comments will be applicable to all uploaded files and will be visible under Document Notes in the Docsvault system.


You will receive a notification email when the upload link is used by the user.