Managing Document Requests

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Managing Document Requests

Managing your Document Request


You can view all the links you've created from Request Link under My Workspace > Public Share node on the left panel of the Docsvault interface.


The list displays the location, created date, recipients, expiry date and the creator name of the document request link.

If the link is sent through your own email software, and no tracking information is required to use the link, ‘Anonymous’ will be shown as the sender of the files.


You can anytime create, resend, edit or expiry a link from the tab below the toolbar.




Resend a File - After sending a document request link, you can resend the message anytime to your recipients.  

Select the request link you wish to resend, and then click Resend button.

You can revise your email message before sending the request link.

Edit a Link - After sending a document request link, you can edit request options and email message.


Select the request link you wish to edit, then click Edit Link button.

You can revise your request and email options before sending the link.

Click Save button to save the changes.


Copy Link - This allows you to quickly obtain a secure download link to your shared folder. With this method, Docsvault generates a link that you can copy and paste.


Select the request link you wish to edit, then click Copy Link button.

You can then paste the link in an email or anywhere you want to share it.

Note: This option is available in desktop client only.


Expire a Link - After sending a document request link, you can expire the request link.


Select the request link you wish to expire, then click Expire Link button.

This will mark the request link as expired and it will no longer be accessible by your recipient.

Show Expired Links

All request links that are expired are moved to Expired Link section. To disable the link, select the link and then click on Delete button. This option removes and deletes the request link assigned to the shared folder permanently.

In-case you need to extend the validity of a link, click on the Edit button and reset the expiry date of the link.



A Document Request Link report provides detail information of the links created by the user.

Select the request link for which you wish to see the report, then click Report button.

You can print and export report in different formats.




Document Request Report covers:

Location: The location of the folder where files will be uploaded

Share Link - The URL of the request link

Page Title: The title of the document request page

Creator - The name of the user who created the request link

Created Date - The date and time the link was created or sent by email

Expiry - The date the link is set to expire

Password - Whether password was set for the request link

Allowed Extensions - List of file types allowed for file uploads

Max File Size - The file size limit set for file uploads

Max #  of Files - The maximum number of files allowed for upload

Sent To - The recipient of the email message, if know

Activity History - Each entry shows:

- the general time when the action occurred

- the name of the file uploaded

- the email address of the sender

- the IP address of the device where the action originated