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The Toolbars contains set of toolbar which appear by default. It consists of all the tools of the most frequently used features and functions.  




1. Properties Toolbar

The Properties Toolbar [Ctrl+E or View > Toolbars > Properties to toggle] becomes active when an object in PDF is selected, allowing you to modify the look, feel and functionality of that tool or object. The options in the Properties Toolbar are dynamic and differ depending on what is selected. For example; while typing in somewhere like a typewriter annotation or text box, the properties Panel will look like what is shown below.  





2. Main Toolbar


It contains the essential tools for managing your PDF document in Docsvault PDF Editor. Includes: Save, Check In, Print, Cut, Copy, Paste, Undo, Redo, Delete, Find. Others toolbar includes: Commenting, Content Editing, Measuring, Rotate View, Standard and Zoom Toolbar.





3. Document Options ToolbarView Toolbar

Found in the bottom left, Clicking on the ico.preset.32 Options Toolbar brings up the following menu



Bookmarks  toggles the Bookmarks Panel

Thumbnails toggles the Thumbnails Panel

Destinations toggles the Destinations Panel

Content toggles the Content Panel

Signatures toggles the signatures Panel

Layers toggles the Layers Panel

Comments toggles the comments Panel

Attachments toggles the attachments Panel

Spell Check allows you to spell check the whole document

Properties Panel Toggles the Properties Panel

Show Rulers shows document rulers

Show Grid shows a gird overlay on the PDF

Show Page Measurement Info toggles the Measurement info

Find toggles the Find bar

Document Properties... Opens the document properties dialog


4. Show Page Measurement Info


The Show Page Measurement Info ico.pageMeasureInfo.32 will show the size of the currently active page next to the ico.pageMeasureInfo.selWH.16 as well as the mouse pointer's current coordinates next to the ico.pageMeasureInfo.XY.16 in whatever unit is set in the Measurement sections of the Preferences menu.





5. Page Navigation

The Document Navigation toolbar contains the necessary tools to navigate within a PDF document.  





6. Page Display


In the page layout toolbar, you can set how the pages are viewed in the document display area such as single page, continuous, two pages, two pages continuous. By default, the page Layout Toolbar is found in the lower right corner of the Editor window.