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File Menu

File Menu

The File menu controls the check-out, check-in, saving, printing, and export of PDF files, and the display of Document Properties. 



The Save option of the File Menu allows you to save changes made to a PDF file

Undo checkout discards the changes made in the checked out file

CheckIn option allows you to save the changes made in PDF document to Docsvault

Send by E-mail  allows you to send a copy of the currently displayed PDF file to another user by e-mail

Revert option will undo any unsaved changes and revert to the "original" state of the document. 

Export allows you to export a selected page(s) or selected area of a page as an image file.

Print can print the currently file

Document Properties enable you to read and create an information about your PDF file (info, security method, appearance, actions when a document is viewed and more in a window Document Properties.