Exploring Docsvault PDF Editor

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Exploring Docsvault PDF Editor

Exploring Docsvault PDF Editor


This part describes Docsvault PDF Editor application window and the tools that are available to you when working with PDF documents.


The look and functionality of Docsvault PDF Editor is very similar to any other document viewing application. It includes a document panel for viewing PDF documents. A menu bar, status bar and several toolbars around the window provide all the controls that you need to work with documents.  


Let us get familiar with each component of the Docsvault PDF Editor.




Menu Bars: The menu bar provides access to the features and functions of Docsvault PDF Editor.


Tool Bars:  The toolbar area includes sets of toolbars for quick access to the features that are frequently used.  


Profile/Document Notes panel: It allows you to enter the index of the document and add additional notes in Document Notes


Display Area: It displays the document opened in Docsvault PDF Editor.


Thumbnails: List of active document pages presented as miniature pages.  


Page Navigation: It includes all the paging controls for navigating and viewing pages.