Searching Documents

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Searching Documents

Searching documents  


A powerful search is an important part of any document management software. Docsvault includes quick and advanced search options to quickly retrieve documents without having to navigate the entire repository. Searches can be performed on a large number of criteria .


Docsvault Search allows you to ...

run a quick (simple) search on content and/or file name, description, version notes, document notes, profiles and indexes including words and phrases inside documents

set up advanced searches, combining one or more sets of criteria that you can configure through a user-friendly advanced search configuration dialog



Quick Search


Quick Search option is directly accessible from the sub toolbar of the main Docsvault window. Enter your search criteria and then click the search Search button.


Quick Search From Search Toolbar


You can setup quick search options by clicking on the yellow gear icon next to the search box in the top search toolbar. See Setup Search Options for more information.


Advanced Search

Click on the AdvSearch Advanced Search button  to performs an advanced search.



Advance Search option


Refine Result and Saved Searches


Refine Result feature

The Refine Results feature provides an easy way to narrow down your search results. The refinement options are dynamically generated based on you current search results. The result is displayed only if it has the keywords values associated with the current search results.


Saved Search

If you regularly look for a certain group of files and end up performing the same search over and over again to find them, you might find it useful to save your search results. Docsvault Saved Search feature allows you to save frequently used search parameters, saving you even more time when it comes to retrieving your documents.



Save Search Result

note Note:

Search results include cabinet, folders and files, and any shortcuts links to file that match specified search criteria.

The number of documents found that match your search is displayed at the bottom on the status bar.

Search relies on data extracted during indexing.

Search results do not include deleted documents.


doc_security Security:

The search result will only apply to the files or folders on which you have at least 'List' rights.