Saved Searches

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Saved Searches

Saved Searches


Frequently used search criteria can be saved along with search text by giving the search criteria a meaningful name. These names appear in the left tree view panel of the Search tab.  You can also execute a saved search by selecting it from the Saved Search drop down menu as show in screen shot below.




Simply clicking on these names will perform a real time search and bring back result based on the saved search criteria and search text.


Docsvault provides few predefined "Saved Search" items:


Checked Out: Searches for documents that are currently checked out

Modified within 15 days: Searches for files modified within last 15 days

Created Today: Searches for files created today

Created Yesterday: Searches for files created yesterday

Created within week: Searches for files created in last 7 days

Modified within week: Searches for files modified within last 7 days

Pending Retention Records: Search for records with missing base date

Document Status Urgent: Searches for documents with 'Urgent' document status


For example:

You may wish to create a "Saved Search" screen that is specifically designed to search for "Unpaid Invoice" documents in Docsvault. To do this, you may employ the use of a  Profile called "Invoice".  This custom property may include several fields like "Client", "Invoice#"," Amount", "Due Date", "Paid Status"etc.


Create a "Saved Search" screen that includes the index "Paid" that is set to "No" status and all other fields are not included in the search.


When a user selects the "Unpaid Invoice Search" from the section of "Saved Search" in Search tab, it will automatically will perform the search and display all the unpaid Invoices.



Saving a search


Carry out the search operation for files with a specific criteria.

After the search result is displayed on Search tab, click on Save Search button in the left bottom corner of the screen



Save Search


Provide a name for the last performed search.

Visibility: If you want all the users to have the privileges to view this saved search, check Public or select Private for personal use only.

Select the check box next to 'Show criteria before executing Saved Search' to allow you to modify the saved search query by adding, changing, or removing filters before executing it.

Click on OK button.

The last performed search criteria gets saved with the specified name and is now available either from the saved search drop down menu in the search toolbar or from the left panel in the search result tab.


You can export the search results in csv, xls,xlsx, xml and pdf file format. Click on Export Icon on the search tool bar and select the file format.



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