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Search Documents

Docsvault has an easy to use and friendly storage methodology that encourages careful organization of documents that leads to easy recovery.

The powerful search engine in Docsvault allows you to search any folder or file by using multiple criteria across all search categories. For example searching for specific words or phrases in document's content or by combining several common fields such as Owner, Version, Date Range, size, OCR Text or Profile Indexes assigned to documents.


You can also restrict your searches to a specific area of the Docsvault repository (e.g. a certain Cabinet or Folder) or limit the search to only latest document version. If you regularly look for a certain group of files and end up performing the same search over and over again to find them, you might find it useful to save your search results. Saved Search feature will save your time from rebuilding the search criteria from scratch every time you need to perform exactly the same or similar search.


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Advance Search



doc_security Security:

Users can only search for and find documents they have access to.


To index the full text of an Image document's you must put the document through the OCR process while scanning.