Rorder/Delete Pages

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Rorder/Delete Pages

Reordering pages


If you’ve combined a collection of files together  into a PDF document, and they’re in the wrong order, you can easily reorder or rearrange them using the tools in Docsvault PDF Files.


For example:

Referring to the example in Append & Merge files. After combining two files Oddpage.Pdf and Evenpage.pdf in one file. You can easily reorder or rearrange pages using the Reorder tool.



To reorder or delete pages

To open Re-Order window, right click on the file and select PDF Options > Reorder\Delete Pages option  

Select and move the Page to rearrange the pages.

You can easily delete unwanted page by selecting it and clicking on Delete button.

To have better look at the pages in the Thumbnail view, you have zoom in/out and rotate controls.

Reorder Pages in the PDF File

Reorder Pages in the PDF File