Move a Folder

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Move a Folder

Moving a folder moves all documents stored within the folder to the new destination. Make sure that all users have closed the folders to be moved and all documents within that folder are check in.


Moving a folder


Select the folder that you want to move.


Right click the mouse button or from the Edit menu select Edit > Cut   Or


  Click on the Cut icon from the toolbar


Select the new destination, right click the mouse button or on the Edit menu select Edit > Paste  Or


  Click on the Paste icon on the toolbar


This operation can also be performed by simple click and drag method.



note Note:

All document under the folder must be checked-in prior to moving it to a different folder.

If the destination is under a folder or cabinet that does not support any current profiles assigned to any documents within this folder, those profile values will be lost permanently. To avoid this, make sure that the destination supports all needed profiles. However, User with Set Available Profile rights will be able to create the unavailable profile at the destination location.


- If security of the source is customized at source, it will remain custom at destination
- If it is inherited “from parent” at source, new security of destination parent will be applied to all subitems, except for those
 items that have customized security
- Above security rules will apply to security changes during document status changes as well, if applicable


Docsvault will display the list of files/folders that could not be moved for any reason.