Creating PDFs with Docsvault PDF

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Creating PDFs with Docsvault PDF

Creating PDF's with Docsvault PDF Creator

With Docsvault, you can create PDF files from any application that has printing capabilities.


Open an MS Excel document and click on Print option from File menu, to display the standard Print dialog box.

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Ms Excel - Print *

*  “The above picture is as per MS Office 2010. It  may differ slightly depending upon your MS Office version.”


Select Docsvault PDF from the Printer drop down list.

After performing other settings, click on OK button.

Select the location to save the PDF file and click on Save button.

Docsvault will convert the document into a PDF and automatically will open Import files and folders dialog box displaying the document in the Document Viewer.

Select the Profile and enter the index values to associate with the document

Select the Folder Section from the list box.

In Description text box, enter the brief description for the document.

Click Import button. This will convert and store the document in PDF format at the selected location in Docsvault.

note Note:

You can use Docsvault PDF Editor to view, edit and annotated files imported into Docsvault using the Print to Docsvault PDF Driver. For more information, refer Working with Annotation under Working with Docsvault PDF Editor section.