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Document Status

Assigning Document Status


The document status feature, in its simplest form, is used to indicate the status of any document. You can assign document status (in processes, draft, complete) to all items (cabinet, folder or a file). Document status can be applied when adding a new document, creating a new version of a document or from simply from a documents right click menu.  

Document statuses can be used to manage revisions of documents and also add a visual reminder to follow up on items in some way. It is also possible to automatically bring about accessibility changes to a document when its status changes.

To assign a status  


Select the cabinet, folder or the file you wish to assign document status from the list view panel.


Right click and then point to Document Status. This will open a list of available document status that can be used to flag the selected items.


Select the appropriate status from the list. If proper options are enabled in that document status - change in Document Status will automatically trigger a corresponding change in document version, ownership, security and flag of a document.


For more information, see Customize Document Status.


Flag a Document

Flag a Document



doc_security Security:  

Users with minimum 'New Version/Check out' rights can apply document status for the first time or when creating a new version while checking in or importing

Only Owners, Admins and users with 'Overwrite' rights can change document status assigned to a document from its right click menu

When securities are applied from top down (say pushed down from the cabinet or parent folder level) – custom security due to doc. status is retained and not overwritten.



Customize Document Status


To customize document status


Click on the Options icon in the top toolbar and select Edit Doc. Status.

Click on the New button to create a new status.

In the Status Name box, enter the name for the new document status.

Enter the Description for document status.

From the Flag list, select a flag image.

Versioning: Enable this option to maintain a version of a the document when in this status.


note Note:

The Document Status name and flag image has to be unique.



doc_security Security:

Users with system rights of 'Edit Doc. Status/Icons' can create custom document status and icons.



Defining Document Changes

It is possible to change document security and the ownership of a document when that document is set with this status.


Document Security


oCustom Security: You can apply a customized security to the document when it enters this status. Click on Configure.


oClear Security: Select this option to clear the security of a document when it is set with this status. The document will inherit the security of its parent folder.


Document Ownership:

oSelect this option to change the ownership of the document. Select the user name from the list box.


Click on Save to save the document status.