Email Automation Add-on

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Email Automation Add-on


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This feature is only available as an add-on module and requires separate purchase and activation.



Docsvault is an advanced document management system that offers many automation features for capturing and sending out emails. The Email Automation Add-on consists of following features:


oEmail Capture: A smart way to capture emails from your company email servers, email servers hosted with ISPs and even from services like Gmail, Hotmail & Yahoo. It is smart enough to allow you to capture only desired emails and attachments, so that your faxes, orders and other important emails can be automatically saved to your Docsvault repository without having to search through them manually in your mailbox

oEmail Archive: Allows you to easily archive all your company email communications by account, year and other criteria for compliance and e-discovery

oAuto Emailing: A feature to automatically send customized emails based on predefined rules. This is a great feature to send reminder emails for expiring policies, contracts, payment reminders or for any other purpose that is time sensitive


Email Automation and Document Management

Email archiving and email management using Docsvault Email Automation add-on is as easy as handling other electronic files and enables email communication to be integrated in your document management software.


Email archiving and email management at a glance:


Automatic capture and recognition of incoming & outgoing emails

Automatic archiving and centralized management of emails

Compliance with legal requirements: eDiscovery, HIPAA, SOX

Higher customer satisfaction, faster and better processing of emails

Fine grained security rights: system protects against unauthorized access to emails and documents

Direct assignment of message meta data (sender, subject, time, etc.)  to email records

Intelligent classification and initiation of business processes

Direct access to records and workflows, leading to shorter search times and approval process

Record Retention ensures legally compliant retention of documents

Secure linking of emails to electronic records, such as customer, supplier and HR records