Docsvault Main Window

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Docsvault Main Window

The Docsvault main window is divided into 3 panels.


Left Panel

The Left panel is divided into two parts:


Tree view panel:

When users first logon to Docsvault the data folder tree appears on the left side. As the name suggests, the contents of 'Tree view panel' shows the content of the data folder in a tree type structure.



Left Panel


Folder Search

To save time and effort, use the Folder Search box to quickly search a folder stored somewhere in a cabinet. The Folder Search box is located at the top of folder section in the left panel.


In the tree, there are 4 root nodes or base containers. Users can set their preference for these nodes visibility from Tools > Others.


My Workspace

  The My Workspace node in the left tree view panel allows you to quickly access user specific documents.

  It provides access to your:


oTasks Calendar

oFavorite Folders

oFavorite Files

oPublic Shares

oRecently Accessed Documents

oRecently Imported/Created Documents

oRecently Created New Versions

oChecked out documents



The Workflow node displays the list of workflow tasks that are assigned to you as well as tasks that you have already performed.


Shared Space

This node provides a full overview of all documents shared with the user and by the user.


You can store, organize and manage all the documents in cabinet and folder structure here. Administrators group members can customize the main 'Documents' node by changing it to a more relevant name.


Individual user and Administrators group members can configure the visibilities of these nodes.


Center Panel

It consist of List view panel.



Center Panel


List view panel

When a cabinet or folder is selected in the tree view panel, all it's content files and folders are displayed in a list form in the list view panel.
Bottom panel

The bottom panel in the center panel displays general, versions, related documents, security, audit trail and linked from information for any selected file or folder. You can double click and view the related files directly from here.


     Quick Search option is directly accessible from the sub toolbar of the main Docsvault window.

Right Panel  

Left panel is divided into three parts:



     Profile view window:

If a file is selected from the list view panel, it's corresponding profile

is displayed in the Profile view panel.


Document Notes window:  

To add and view the notes attached to the file.


Document Task window:  

Document Task Panel displays a list of tasks assigned to documents.

Right Panel