Working with Documents

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Working with Documents

Sort files and folders


To sort your content:


Tap the A-Z sort sort2icon on the bottom bar. The files are sort by file name. Tapping the sort icon again will reverse the sort order.



View & Edit Document Properties and Metadata


Once you navigate to a document you can view the document itself or its properties.


You can view the content of a file using an associated viewer on your device. The OS for each mobile device allows you to open and view specific file types. If you cannot view a file type on your phone, you might need to install a file viewing app. For example, on an Android device use QuickOffice, Polaris, Goodreader for viewing Microsoft office files and PDFs.


To view a file:


In the center list panel, you'll see a list of your documents.

Tap the file name to open it in an associated app.

Properties: Tap fileprop to view the document's properties. You can view the Document's System ID, any custom Document ID, type, location, size, created date, modified date, folder section, and version.


You can change document status, and edit profile information. You can also add your own notes from the notes section.




note Note:

iOS device has built-in viewer for many file types including PDFs, Microsoft Office files and many image file types.  


In Android, if the device does not support the file view, it is automatically downloaded in a folder named Docsvault created in the device's Download folder.






Favorite: Tapfavouriteiconicon to make any cabinet, folder or file a favorite. Your favorite items are available in My Workspace in the left navigation menu for quick access.


Rename: Tap renameicon icon to rename your document. If a document with that name already exists in the location, then you'll get an appropriate message.

Related Documents: Tap setRelationsicon icon to view all related documents with the document.


Version: Tap versionicon to view version history of this file. You can click on any of the versions to view its contents.



Edit Document Profile