Workflow Reports

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Workflow Reports

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Docsvault provides built-in individual and manager level workflow reports to enable you to assess the efficiency of your workflows and related business processes. You can use these reports to locate problems with processes or to determine whether a group or individual is meeting performance targets for a particular business process.



Workflow reporting options


You can access the Workflow Reports by clicking on Reports in Workflow panel.


User Reports

These reports can be accessed by the initiators and participants of the workflow.


Task Performance: Shows number of tasks performed by the user on any workflow step within specified period of time

Daily Performance: Shows time period the user has taken to complete the step of a workflow on all of its occurrences with respect to time

Workflow Steps Pie: Provides comprehensive picture of user's contribution in the Workflows and its individual Steps.


Manager Reports

Admin, Watcher or Manager can access following workflow reports:


User Task Performance: Displays number of time tasks were performed by each user for given period of time

Daily Task Performance: Displays time period taken to complete a step of a workflow for given period of time

Workflow Performance: Displays average days taken to complete individual steps of a workflow during given period of time. It will also indicated whether the steps has been executed before or after the due date.

Reports can be exported out in various formats for further manipulation.  


Workflow Reports

Workflow Reports