Query Workflow History

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Query Workflow History

Workflow History for Auditing


Docsvault maintains a record of all documents and their associated workflow activities that are routed through a Workflow process. You can query the entire Workflow History using various filter criteria from the Workflow Audit Log section in Docsvault Server Manager > Workflow node.


This option is also available in Docsvault desktop client application under Administration menu.





The default Workflow History dialog displays essential workflow activities in an easy to understand log. Audit log results can be restricted by workflow, its status, participants, dates, etc. Transactions performed automatically by Docsvault are displayed under the name 'DocsvaultSystem'.


Detailed Log:

Notice that the workflow results are displayed only with necessary information for general overview. However, a full detailed log can be opened by clicking on the "Show More Details..." button in the bottom left corner of this dialog.


Reporting & Export

The audit log results can also be opened in a report dialog for further manipulation and printing or saved in various formats like PDF, excel, csv, etc. for additional processing. This export facility is available for both the default and the details audit log dialogs.



Workflow Audit Log

Workflow Audit Log