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Web Manager


The Docsvault Web Manager dialog allows you to manage most aspects of your Docsvault Web Application.



Only the Docsvault administrator user admin or any member of the administrators group can log into the Docsvault Web Manager with full access.



The Docsvault Web Manager is divided into many nodes and they will be discussed below.



Site Information


This node displays the current information about the Docsvault Web Application like its application pool it is running under, its primary site and its installed location. The Site bindings list displays all the sites currently bound to the Docsvault Web Application. The site bindings along with many other site parameters for this application can be changed in the IIS manager dialog under the site named 'DocsvaultWeb'.



Site Information

Site Information






Docsvault Server


Server Name displays the name or IP address of the machine running the Docsvault Server software. To change the Docsvault server name, enter the server name and click the Change button.


note Note:

    The Web Application connects to the Docsvault Server on port 3831  


Docsvault Web configuration

Docsvault Web configuration


Web Application


Allow user to remember login information: This is a security setting that allows administrators to set the option for allowing users to 'Remember Login' information on their local browsers using browser cookies


Localization: Set localizations to display proper localized date formats in web client


Max Upload File Size:  Specify the maximum file size allowed for uploads from the web client. Sizes are in Megabytes (MB)


Root Node Name for External Users

   Admin can change the external user's  node name here to personalize the external user interface.


Connected Users

This node displays current users logged into Docsvault web application. This log will display the username, date and time and public IP address for all current successful logins.  


You can clear the user session by clicking on Clear Connection button.


note Important Connection Note:

User connections are managed by the application pool running the site and cannot be disconnected from this dialog. If users are inactive while still logged on they will automatically be logged off as per their idle timeout settings in their user options for web client (if it is set). If this option is not set and the user closes the browser without properly logging out of the application, the connection will be cleared by the application pool as per its Idle Time-Out settings.

Restarting the DocsvaultWeb site from IIS manager will also clear out all active connections



Public Shares

This node displays all current public shares in the system.


Public Shares

Public Shares


You can also copy the public share URL to your clipboard for the selected share by simply clicking on the Copy button.


Edit / Delete Public Shares

To edit a selected public share click on the Edit button. This will open up a Edit dialog. Here you can create/change password to access this resource and set link expiry dates.



To delete selected public share simply click on the delete button.



Docsvault allows customized branding by replacing the default logo with your own organization logo to enhance your organization's brand identity.  This section allows you to add favicon and customize background color & logos of main login and shared link interfaces.







The about node displays the version number of the currently installed web application and the software copyright notice.



The help node displays links to various help and troubleshooting topics on Docsvault support portal.