Validating Digital Signatures

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Validating Digital Signatures


Once a PDF is digitally signed in Docsvault, you can see its signature status in the main Docsvault window under the "General" tab in the bottom "Information Panel" or from the file's "Properties" dialog.


Validating digital signatures in Docsvault PDF Viewer


The built in Docsvault PDF viewer can identify a digitally signed PDF file and will automatically validate all digital signatures in the document. The result of the validation process will be displayed in a special signature strip at the top of the document. Digitally signed PDF's can also be validated using Adobe's Acrobat Reader in the same way.


The following procedure explains how to inspect the status of digital signature on a document in Docsvault PDF Viewer:


Double click a document in Docsvault to open it in Docsvault PDF Viewer

If the document is digitally signed it will automatically display a top strip that shows the signature validity

To view additional information, such as certificate details, signer’s contract information and validation method, click the Signature panel button on the left panel


Signature Indicator



The signature is valid


The signature is invalid


The identity of the signer is unknown



An example of signature details





Validating a digital signature in Adobe Acrobat


This section describes how to validate the signatures applied in Docsvault with Adobe Acrobat Reader or Adobe Acrobat


By default every computer with Docsvault Desktop Client or Web Tools installed can validate Docsvault digital signatures in Adobe Acrobat by simply opening up the signed PDF in Acrobat Reader or Pro.


If you send a digitally signed PDF to someone outside your company who does not have the Docsvault software installed they will have to go through a one time process of downloading and running the Docsvault Sign Validation tool on their PCs. Once the Docsvault trusted certificates are installed on the client machine, the client can validate all PDFs signed by any Docsvault user in your company.

Download and install the DV Sign Validation tool from here:


The validation status of digital signatures can be viewed by either holding the cursor over the actual signature, by right-clicking on the signature and choosing 'Show signature properties' or through the Signatures panel on the left in Acrobat.


For signatures that have not been validated, the icon for 'Validity Unknown' signature-unknown is displayed at the top of the document window


A signature that has been validated against a trusted certificate is indicated as: signature-valid


Documents with multiple valid signatures will be displayed as: multi-signature-valid


A valid certified document is indicated by: valid-cert


A document that has been modified since it was signed is displayed by: invalid-adobe