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Reinstall or Repair Docsvault

Reinstall or Repair Docsvault

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Reinstall or Repair Docsvault

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If you accidentally delete or alter files that are required by Docsvault, Docsvault will not perform correctly and you might get error messages while running the program. You can attempt to fix this problem by reinstalling or repairing Docsvault.


In the Control Panel, double-click Programs and Features

In the uninstall dialog that opens select Docsvault Small Business Client and then click Change. You will see the following screen.



To repair the current installation, select Repair and then click the Finish button.

To reinstall Docsvault, select Remove and click the Finish button

During the uninstall process you will have a choice to keep or remove the current Docsvault settings. If you plan to reinstall Docsvault MAKE SURE TO KEEP Docsvault settings. The installer will not show the configuration wizard again when installing the program again if it detects previous settings.


warning Warning:

If you choose to remove all imported data into Docsvault, it will not be possible to recover it afterwards. Please make a backup of your current repository folder or use the export feature from Docsvault Server Manager to export all your existing data before starting the uninstall process.