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Smart Search        



This feature is only available in Docsvault Enterprise & Ultimate  Editions



Smart Search feature allows you to access your Docsvault files/folders from any program you're working in. Using "hot key" from your other applications - Smart Search links you to related documents in Docsvault.


Smart Search is a one step process to initiate the search after a user highlights their selection on a business application such as Accounting, CRM or as a part of the content of a document opened in a 3rd party application. Pressing the hot key (Win + F5 by default)  is all that is needed to initiate search and display results within Docsvault application.


Docsvault can search for the specified word in the name, description, version notes, document notes, profile/index, and even in the actual content of every document. You can change these settings  from  searchOption Search Options  icon next to search box in sub toolbar of the main Docsvault window.



For example:

A user is working in a payroll application and wants to see all document related to a particular employee. By selecting the employee name and pressing designated hot key, the employee name is transferred to Docsvault search engine and documents related to that employee name are listed in Docsvault. The user can refine the search to find the appropriate document and can perform several activities: review it using Docsvault Viewer, email it using Docsvault Quick Email or even initiate a Workflow.




Docsvault uses Win + F5 hot key for Smart Search by default. However, you can change the predefined hot key if it conflicts with another preset shortcut key in the application that you are doing the searching from.


To set the "Hot Key" for Smart Search:


Go to Tool > Options > Others


In Smart Search section, change the default keyboard combination and click OK.