Signatures and Initials

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Signatures and Initials

Signatures and Initials


You can add visual picture with your own Signature or Initials to your PDF document from an image or directly draw in a special window.


In Main Menu choose Document > Signatures and Initials > Manage.




Window for managing your Signatures and Initials:

1 - with this option you can Add New signature from a file or draw it in a special window

2 - you can Edit selected picture (give a name and password)

3 - name of your Signature

4 -Remove selected

5 - Remove all existing Signatures and Initials.


Add New.. You can add or create pictures with signatures and apply to every PDF document you want.




Import from File  With this option you will get a signature from an image file.


Draw Signature will open a window where you can draw your own signature or initials by the mouse or stylus. Choose color from a giving palette or add custom color.




Edit... 1. After adding a signature press OK and open a window where you can name your signature and protect it with a password.

         2. You can choose any existing Signature from your list Signature and Initials and change its name and protection.




Note: Adding a Signature is similar to adding Stamp. Any manipulation with Signature (rotations, changing its size, pop-up notes etc) is valid too, but, as additional, you can protect you Signature with password.


Remove... will delete selected Signature.


Remove All... will delete all Signatures.


After adding Signature  to your document you will be prompted to Apply All Signatures or Cancel All Signatures.