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Redaction allows you to permanently hide the selected text or images. The visible content is substituted by colored boxes or a blank area.


1.Mark for Redaction. This tool is used to mark the text or images, which are to be hidden.

2.Apply All Redactions. Finishes the process of redaction after all necessary items have been selected.


You are able to edit the appearance of the redaction boxes in the Properties toolbar.



You may change the properties of the text with the help of the Properties Toolbar which appears at the Toolbar area when the Redaction is made:


Marking For Redaction:


Go to: Documents> Redaction> Mark For redaction:


There are two ways you can mark content for redaction.


1. Highlight the desired text with the redaction tool:


2. Using the Mark for redaction tool to select a blank piece of document and dragging a box over the desired area:




As you can see above, areas previously marked for redaction are encircled with red so you can keep track of what has been marked prior to redaction. When you mouse over these areas, they turn black.



Applying redactions:


When you are satisfied with what you have chosen for redaction, go to: Document-->Redaction-->Apply All redactions. You can undo this by selecting Ctrl+z. However, once saved, these effects are irreversible.