Server Best Practices

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Server Best Practices


Use Internal Hard Drives:

Although you can create the repository folder on an external USB drive that is directly attached to the server machine, internal drives are recommended as they are more reliable. Note that due to the FileStream feature limitation of the SQL server, repository folders cannot be placed on shared network folders.


Using NAS device:

You can create the repository folder on a NAS device that supports the iSCSI interface To achieve this, follow the general steps below. For exact steps, please consult your NAS device support documentation.

Configure an iSCSI target on your NAS device from your NAS's interface

On the machine running the Docsvault/SQL server start up the iSCSI  initiator wizard from Windows control panel and fill up the NAS device information

On the Docsvault server machine go to 'Disk Management' in Windows control panel and create a new drive from the free space made available by the iSCSI initiation


Use Redundant Storage Systems:

Storing repository folder on RAID-1 or RAID-5 disks is recommended. However, you need to ensure that you have a good RAID system in place to avoid any data corruption issues normally associated with sub par RAID systems. If you do not have RAID system on your server, ensure that you take regular backups of your data.


Backup Your Data:

The most important & critical part of any Document Management Software is your data. In case of a disaster, everything else can be replicated other than your data. Please take regular backups of your repository using Docsvault’s inbuilt backup feature or using any external backup software that you might already use. Here are some points to keep in mind:


Avoid taking backups on the same physical hard drive as your data (even if it’s a different drive letter). This is because if your hard drive fails due to any reason you will lose both the data and its backup.

On a regular basis test your backups by doing mock restores on test systems

You can use external hard drives, network shares/drives or NAS devices for backups

Move backups offsite on regular basis to insure against calamities in your office. As an alternate solution, online backup services are very affordable these days.

See “Data Backup” topic in this guide for more information on backups in Docsvault.