Database Engine

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Database Engine

SQL Server:

Docsvault uses the SQL server database for data storage. The Docsvault Configuration Wizard will automatically download and install the free MS SQL Server 2008 R2 Express Edition if you do not have an existing SQL server. The use of free SQL server express edition is quite adequate for use up to 20-25 users under normal load. For heavy usage load and for 25+ users, use of SQL server workgroup or above is recommended.
Docsvault does not embed the actual document files inside the database file but stores only the meta data associated with documents and other information in the db file. The actual data files are stored on the server hard disk using the SQL ‘FileStream’ feature.


Web Server:

IIS 7 and above are supported for hosing the Docsvault web application.

Note: All three, the Docsvault server, the SQL server and the Web server can be installed on the same machine if separate deployment is not possible or desired.