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Just like the Desktop client, there are two types of search options in the web client - Quick and Advanced.


Quick Search


Type words related to the content you're looking for into the search box and press enter.



Quick Search


The quick search will return documents where your keywords matches any of six criteria:


Filename and File ID


Document Notes

Index Value

Version Notes (current file version)

Text Inside Files  


For faster search results, you can change the settings for Quick Search by clicking on the searchOption icon.


Search Options


After you execute a search, the list of matching documents appears in the results window.  The search result can be exported to pdf, xls,xlsx,rtf and csv file format by clicking the export Export icon.


Advanced Search

For a more refined search click the AdvSearch icon from the search toolbar to open the advanced search dialog.



Advanced Search



Along with the basic search add profile search criteria for quick result. Set the Boolean operator and / or to match all or any criteria. For detailed information, see Advanced Search in desktop client manual.


You can save the search criteria for later use by clicking on Save Search button in the left bottom corner of the search window. To quickly run previous saved searches, click the Saved Search button from the search tool bar.



Run Saved Search


To quickly open the target folder of a file from the search result, right click on the file and select 'Open file location' in the context menu.