Scanning and OCR

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Scanning and OCR

Docsvault provides high volume scanning, OCR, image scanning, drawing scanning and PDF conversion to capture any form of information to digitized form. You can now easily get scanned documents converted to searchable digital file using OCR in no time with Docsvault.


The entire process of data conversion from original paper document, image to searchable PDF file takes less than a minute, and the final recognized document looks just like the original.


Docsvault offers robust capture features such as real-time image viewing, predefining different types of scan criteria suitable for different jobs, JPEG, TIFF and PDF output formats, flexible document separation, post scan scanning tools to improve image quality.The Docsvault inbuilt scanner interface is for those users who want to avoid the complexities of conventional scanner interface and get the work done quickly. Docsvault automatically detects the scanners installed on your computer. Moreover, if there are more than one scanner installed, you have the ability to select one of your choice.




Docsvault is designed to work with all TWAIN compatible scanners. To learn how to configure with ScanSnap, see Scanner button Integration.



This section covers following topics:


Scan Jobs

Scanning a document

Scanning Ribbons and Tools

OCR Scanning