Optical Character Recognition Add-on

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Optical Character Recognition Add-on


note Note:

This feature is only available as an add-on module and requires separate purchase and activation.



Optical Character Recognition (OCR) Options


Optical Character Recognition is a method to identify text characters in an image file thus making an unsearchable scanned file (which is an image without any text information) into a searchable file. In Docsvault, the OCR feature is used to convert scanned and imported image based PDF files into searchable PDF files. The OCR process identifies text in each page with near perfect accuracy and create a hidden text layer within the same PDF file in such a way that each text word is exactly positioned behind its appearance in the image.  


Docsvault handles OCR conversion of following documents in one centralized location i.e the Docsvault Server.


Imported electronic image based PDF files scanned or created by other applications

Scanned paper documents inside Docsvault with optical character recognition (OCR) enabled


Scanned PDF files marked for OCR are added in queue for OCR to be performed. The OCR process runs in the background as a separate service on the machine where Docsvault Server is installed.  Note that to process OCR, you must enable the OCR service and set its schedule in the Docsvault Server dialog.


note Notes:

Docsvault cannot recognize handwritten text

OCR feature will be available only if OCR Add-ons module has been purchased and activated