Routing Documents

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Routing Documents

Routing the documents:


A document can be routed to one or more users as a task with the senders note. The receiver will see this task in his Task In tab or when the document is selected in the document list. The sender and the receiver then can communicate on this task and can see the status of this task at any time. The sender thus has a control over the tasks he/she assigns to other users in Docsvault.


You can send an Docsvault document to another person by using the 'Document Tasks' features.


For example:

Neil wants his subordinate Richard to confirm the price of the items in Purchase order before approving it.



Select the document you wish to route.


On the File menu, select Document Tasks....


Right click on the file and from the pop up menu click on Document Tasks....


Document Tasks

Document Tasks


In the dialog box, define the task and set the priority.


Add the task related files in Associated Documents.


Select the Users form All  or Favorites, to whom the task has to be assigned in Task Allocation section.


   Choose All to list all the Users.


   Choose Favorites to list predefined short listed users that you usually assign tasks to. You can shortlist

   the users for the task in Tools >> Options>> Tasks or by clicking on the edit link when Favorites is selected.





Click on Send to route the documents.

The receiving user will see this task in his Task In box. The user will be notified by Task Alert notify in the system tray signalling the arrival of a new task or new note.

Task Alert notify

Task Alert notify



information Information:

The users can also set to get update alerts for changes happening to work routes they are involved in.