Routing Documents

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Routing Documents

Routing documents:

Document routing is a simple document workflow tool that you can use to direct documents to other users in the system for processes like approvals, AP, etc.


To route a document:


Select the document you wish to route. Right click to open its context menu and then click on Document Tasks...

In the task dialog box, define the task and set its priority


The selected file is already added in Associated Documents. You can add more documents to this task if desired


Select the Users form All  or Favorites, to whom the task has to be assigned in Task Allocation section.


   Choose All to list all the Users or choose Favorites to list predefined short listed users that you usually assign tasks to. You can edit the favorites user list in

   Tools >> Options>> Tasks or by clicking on the edit link when Favorites radio button is selected


Click on Send to route the documents.


Route Document


A document can be routed to one or more users as a task with the senders note. The receiver will be notified by Task Alert popup near the system tray signaling the arrival of a new task or new note. The receiver will be able see this task in his Task In tab or when the document is selected in the document list. The sender and the receiver then can communicate on this task and can see the status of this task at any time.  



Task Alert notify


note Note:

    Users can also set to get email update for changes happening to work routes they are involved in.