Other Settings

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Other Settings

Others option allows you to set temporary location, create shortcut key for smart search and re-install PDF printer.






Temporary Location

You can change the location of Docsvault temp folder on your local machine in this section. Temp folder, as the name suggests, is used to store temporary files and folders which are created by Docsvault Services.  As the files and folders are temporary, its absolutely safe to remove them.


Click on 'Clear' button to clean up temp files and  checked out files from your local machine.


Re-install Docsvault PDF

If due to some unknown reason PDF print driver is not installed correctly during the installation. You can reinstall it by clicking on Re-install button from here.


Reminder of Files Checked out

Check the box next to 'Notify me of checked out documents...' to remind you that you have documents checked out when exiting Docsvault. You will get an option to check-in the checked-out documents. Click on Yes button.


Smart Search

Docsvault uses Win + F5 hot key for Smart Search by default. However, you can change the predefined hot key here if it conflicts with another preset shortcut key in the application that you are doing the searching from.


Left Panel - Nodes Visibility

You have an option to select the nodes that you wish to be visible on the left panel of Docsvault interface:
My Workspace, Documents, Workflow, Shared Space