Email & Notifications

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Email & Notifications

Form Submission Notifications


This tab allows you to configure email alerts for every form entry.


User Notification

Select this option if you want to notify Docsvault users via email every time a respondent submits the form.  
Select the option 'Include Submitted Data' to enclose a copy of the entry data along with the notification message.



Additional Email Notifications

Enable this option if you like to configure additional email notification for external non Docsvault users or internal users. If you wish to send Notification emails to different people based on a particular field choice, see Dynamic Email Notification.


To & Bcc: Enter the email addresses you would like to receive the email notification. Enter multiple addresses by separating them with a semicolon (;). You can use the Dynamic Fields option to pull data from a form entry such as Email or use Docsvault tags {{{{USEREMAIL}}}}. The {{{{USEREMAIL}}}} variable will be replaced with the email address of Docsvault user who submits the form.


Subject: Create the subject line for your notification email. Use the Dynamic Fields option to pull data from a form entry into the subject line such as Date, Name.


Body: You can customize the message that will appear in the notification emails. You can insert images, links, or use Dynamic Fields option to pull data from the form's entries.  


Include Submitted Data - Specify if a copy of the entry data should be included as attachment with the notification message.


Click the Save button to save the settings.





To avail this feature, enable 'Client side Alerts' in the Docsvault Server Manager.