Edit Cabinet Properties

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Edit Cabinet Properties

You can view or modify the cabinet name, cabinet description, or change user access to the cabinet and files and folders under it at any time.


For example:

Neil has forgotten to add profile to the cabinet or realizes that certain rights has to be restricted to a particular user. He can edit this by selecting 'Properties' in 'Edit' menu.



Edit a cabinet properties - Profile

Select cabinet and then right click to bring up the popup menu   Or

   From the Edit menu select Properties.


Properties-Cabinet Profile


In Profiles tab, you can select Customize and select the profiles that you want to be available while creating folders and files under this cabinet.


Check the box labeled Apply to sub folders and files, if you wish to apply this set of properties to all the documents within

 the cabinet.


The document profile is stored with the document indexes. To change the profile associated with a document, you can either change it when you check the document in or edit the document properties.


Profile can be created and edited from both server and client computer. For more information, see Profiles and Indexes


Make the necessary changes and then

Click on Apply button to update the changes.

Click on OK button to close.