Email Alerts

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Email Alerts

Email Alerts on Documents

A user can subscribe to receive an alert when any changes occurs to a file or within a folder.  An email notification is received when the alert is triggered. An alert can be set on folders or individuals files.


To add a document alert:

Right click on the selected cabinet/folder/file to open its context menu and then click on Properties

In Alerts tab, enter a name for the Email Alert

Email Frequency: you can configure the frequency of your email alert here

Select the Events to be monitored for this email alert

Click on Apply to save the settings and OK to close the window

Email Alerts

Email Alerts


To delete an email alert set for a document, click on the Delete icon next to Email Alert Name.



  For this feature to work outbound emailing should be configured and 'Client side Alerts' should be enabled in Docsvault Server Manager on the server side.