Disposed Batches

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Disposed Batches

Disposed Batches


This will list all the disposed batches.


Double click on the batch to view its details.

Report: The reports can be readily saved in a useful format for future review.

In regards to disposition, it is very important that the destruction of records be documented and approved by the proper authorities. These documents should then be retained as part of the documentation of the records management program. Click on Approval Form all inclusive record series in the Record Disposition Schedule Form for the said batch.


Records that contain information that is sensitive should be destroyed in a secure manner that protects privacy, such as shredding, incineration, or secure digital destruction. Records containing non-sensitive information may be disposed of in the trash, recycling, or less secure digital destruction. Another goal of the disposition process is to provide proof that records have been consistently and properly disposed.



Dispose Batch