Digital Certificates

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Digital Certificates


This section covers:


Register Company Digital Certificate


Issue Digital Certificate License to Users


Query Digital Signature Log



Company Digital Certificate


Company Digital Certificate, similar to identification card, is an electronic credential that is used to certify the organization. This certificate is issued to you by Docsvault after the purchase of the Digital Signature add-on and verification of your company.


The company digital certificate contains information that identifies the certificate's owner (referred as 'issued to') as an entity, as well as the root certification authority (called the issuer) i.e Docsvault that has issued it.


To register company digital certificate:

Go to Docsvault Server Manager > Digital Certificates node

Under Company Certificate section, click Renew/Change Company certificate link

In Certificate dialog box, browse to the digital certificate file sent to you by Docsvault. If this is the first time registering this add-on it will remove the trial digital signature issued during Docsvault trial and register the certificate issued to the company. If you are renewing the company certificate the old one will be archived and the new company certificate will be made effective.


note Note: When a company certificate is renewed, all users are automatically issued new corresponding certificates with renewed expiry date.





Issue to: displays your organization name


Email: displays registered email ID for company digital certificate


Status: displays the status of the company certificate


Valid Till: displays the validity period of the company certificate


Certificate: to view the digital certificate issued to the company



The image below is an example of digital certificate issued by Docsvault. It contains:


Issue to:  Owner's Name


Issued by: Docsvault (name of the RCA that issued the digital certificate)


Validity period: The issue and expiry dates of the certificate. The certificate is typically valid for a year from the date of issue






Digital Certificate License


When a digital certificate is used to sign a document, its ID is stored with the signed item in a secure and verifiable form so that it can be displayed to others to establish a trust relationship. In all, it provides a complete security solution, assuring the identity of all parties involved in a transaction.


This section allows you to create unique digital certificate for your users.  


Keys: displays the registered key for digital signature add-on


No. of Licensed Users: displays number of users licensed for digital signatures


No. of Certificate Created: displays number of user licenses assigned


Assign Certificate to Users: Click on the Assign button to create digital signature certificate for users. To learn how to create a new certificate, see Create New Certificate.



Digital Signature Log

Docsvault maintains a record of all documents on which digital signatures are applied by the licensed users. An Administrator can query the entire Digital Signature log using various filter criteria. You can filter the report by users, names and dates.


The default Digital Signature Log dialog displays file name, location, user name, date / time and signature method (signed/certified). You can view the certificate associated with a file by clicking on the certificate link on the same row.


Reporting & Export

The digital signature log results can be printed and saved in various formats like PDF, xlsx, csv, etc.  


Purge Options:

To permanently remove old log data that is not needed for compliance anymore, click on the Purge Option link

In the Purge Options dialog box, select the date before which all records should be purged. This will delete all events that were logged before the specified date.