Custom Document IDs

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Custom Document IDs

Docsvault, by default, assigns a unique sequential document identification number to every document stored in the repository. These IDs are referred to as 'System IDs' in Docsvault. You can, however, setup your own custom unique 'Document IDs' for your documents.


Document IDs can include many variables with character and numbers. Docsvault also provides a per cabinet and global numeric counter that will automatically increment as new documents are added to the repository.


Document ID will be of assistance to companies who produce multiple documents over a long period of time and want to ensure that document numbering standards are being strictly applied. It also helps you manage your documents by providing an easy way to track items regardless of their location in Docsvault. For example, if a legal agreement gets moved from a legal folder to another location, the agreement would be easy to locate based on its Document ID.


To configure Document ID



In order to configure the Document ID feature the user must have the system right 'Create Cabinets'.



Go to Cabinet Wizard.


Click Select Variable under Document ID section.


From the drop list, select the variables to form a set of custom string of characters or numbers that are automatically assigned as Document ID. You can assign Document ID for each cabinet based on variables like cabinet name, parent folder name, first level folder, custom text, local counter and global counter. Auto-generated number counter use consecutive numeric values starting from a given initial value and a given number of digits. For example: <<Cabinet Name>> - <<Parent Folder >> - <<Counter:1000>>



Document ID


Document IDs are automatically assigned to imported documents and this ID will follow the item throughout its life cycle within the Docsvault repository.  When you assign the Document ID feature for any existing cabinet,  all items imported in that cabinet will automatically be assigned a Document ID. Keep in mind that, depending on the number of documents that exist in your cabinet, this process may take some time. You may delete off or change the ID format of these IDs in the future from the cabinet's properties dialog.


NOTE:  When the Document ID feature is enabled for a given cabinet, 'Document IDs' replace the 'System ID' in the file lists under that cabinet automatically. However Docsvault assigned 'System IDs' are still created for documents and are available from the bottom information panel or the properties dialog of the document.


note Important things to remember:

Assigning either one of the variables 'Counter' or 'Global Counter' is mandatory.

If  'First Level Folder' variable is selected in the string, Document IDs are not assigned to first level items of a cabinet.

Document ID is retain while 'moving' documents within Docsvault.  But under 'copy' circumstance, a new document ID will be assigned for a new document created in the designation location.

Document IDs are fully searchable in the Docsvault search interface.