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Create Batch

It is good practice for all organizations to conduct periodic reviews of their record keeping systems in order to prevent the accumulation of records and the inappropriate reference to records that are no longer relevant or needed.


Search Records for Disposition


The first step is to identify the records for disposition.


In Records Retention Console, click on Create Batch to search for records to dispose.


You can search records using the following criteria:


Disposition Date (required): Enter the from and through date of disposition

Record Type (required): Select the type of records you are looking for: physical or digital

Record Series: Select the record series from drop down list box.

Custom Fields: To search by additional information entered in custom fields

Click on the List Records button to list the records that fit the criteria set

You can get the details of a record by pointing to that record in a list and clicking on View button. This will open the 'Record Details' window displaying all the

   information for the selected record

Click on the 'Create Batch' to create a batch consisting of records to be disposed. This batch will now get listed in the Open Batches section

Create Batch

Create Batch



doc_security Security:

Only users with the rights of 'Create Batch' can create batches for disposal.