Print a PDF file

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Print a PDF file

Printing a PDF File in Docsvault PDF Editor

Printing PDF documents is very similar to printing a file from any program on your computer. Docsvault PDF Editor provides you some other options to print along with the document contents such as sticky notes, stamps etc. You can set the attributes in Print Option.


Setting Print Attributes

From the File menu, select Print or click the Print button from the File toolbar.

Select the appropriate options for Printer,  Page range, Number of copies etc.. and then click on OK.

You can also use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+P to print.

Setting Advanced Print Options


If you have sticky notes comments and shapes markups in your document, you can choose to print with or without these elements.



Documents and Markups


Document and Stamps

Form Fields Data Only

Markups Only

Whole content


Print as Images will send the printer an image rather than regular print data. Note that this may take longer to print if printing to a network printer.


More... Opens the Advanced Print Options menu.




Print Content Options allows you to fine tune the content that is printed on the sheet(s)

Print Page Content will print the base content of the pages.

Print Markups (annotations such as rectangle, circle, polygon, etc.)

Print Stamps will print stamp annotations

Print Form-Fields will print form fields with data.

         Field Data only (field with no borders and backgrounds)

Print Media-Annotations (movie, Sound, 3D, etc.)

Show Print-Marks Annotations will turn on or turn off the printing of the Print-Marks.

Print Notes will print the note Icon to the sheet, but not the note itself.

Print Note Pop-up(s) will print the sticky note annotation associated with any notes.

Rendering options


Color Override enables you to override the existing color type when the document is printed.

Text Rendering Mode allows you to modify the default text rendering mode that is sent to the printer.

Maximum Resolution for images Allows you to set the maximum resolution for images in dpi (dots per inch).

Resolution for Gradient Fills Allows you to set the maximum resolution for gradient fills.

Ignore Accessibility Color Overrides will ignore all color overrides or accessibility settings when printing.

Ignore Page Crop-Clip will ignore the dimensions of crop boxes and print the content outside of cop margins.