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Change View Layout

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Change View Layout

Customizing Column configuration


In an environment of small size enterprise, where lots of data are collected and stored. To make this data easily accessible and actionable to you and your team, Docsvault allows you to quickly customize column configuration views of your data, in Details view mode as well as preview and find the right file the first time and fast using Thumbnails view.


Customized column configuration views are very useful in Docsvault by allowing profile property information to be more readily visible by displaying it in your Explorer view. The Details view of the list of documents can be customized. Listing templates can be created to display a list of documents in a particular way. For instance, along with the general information of file details such as descriptions, size, dates etc. you can now also display your file profile property such as client, department, contract etc. using 'Customize Fields.'


There are two ways to customize the document fields. You can customize the fields at the time of creating new cabinet or folders or while viewing a document list,  you can create customize fields by clicking the Views > Customize Fields, as shown below.


Clicking this menu will open the customizing files properties dialog box, as shown below. For more information, see Customizing the View list.



Customizing files properties



note Note:

You can set different column configuration for each cabinet and folder or sub folders.