Assigning Profile/Indexes to Documents

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Assigning Profile/Indexes to Documents

Each document is associated with a Profile. Profiles represent a set of indexes that provide information about the document.


When importing a document to Docsvault, you must specify a profile. Once you have selected the appropriate profile, you may need to enter additional information about the document.


The document profile is stored with the document indexes. To change the profile associated with a document, you can either change it when you check the document in or edit the document properties.


Assigning Profile

Profiles and indexes can be set to documents, as well as to folders.


You can assign profile and multiple index values to a document at following instances:


Assigning profile while importing digital documents


You can assign a profile to the documents in Import files and folders dialog, which is displayed when documents are imported into Docsvault.


Importing the file directly to folder

Importing the file directly to folder



Select a Profile from the drop down list.

Enter values to the corresponding index. You can add multiple values for a index by clicking on the plus sign.

Apply to Subfolders will apply the indexes values to the subfolders imported.

Apply To All Imports will apply the indexes values to all the documents imported.

Click on Import button.


note Note:

When File Name Template is associated with any Profile, files and folders are automatically named based on the index values. Similarly file descriptions and notes can be populated with a combination of predefined information and/or index values entered by users.



Assigning profile while scanning

Profiles and properties fields are present in scanning interface. Assign a profile and corresponding property values before saving the scanned images.


Assigning Profile while scanning 

Assigning Profile while scanning 


Changing and editing profile


Select a document, folder or cabinet from Docsvault Explorer.

From the Edit menu, click on Indexes.

Edit the indexes values.

In case you want to change the Profile. In Indexes tab, select a Profile from the drop down list. Corresponding indexes are

  displayed in the index-value table.

Assign appropriate values to the indexes.

Click on OK button to save the changes.

Importing the file directly to folder

Importing the file directly to folder



note Note:

When a document is copied or moved to some other location within Docsvault, the profile associated with it and all its corresponding property values will persist only if the destination folder has the same profile.  However, User will Set Available Profile rights have permission to change the profile type assigned to documents.


You can now also display the Profile properties of your documents in the Details view . For more information, see Customizing Column Configuration.



Assigning Multiple values to an index


You can assign multiple values to an index.


Click on the Add sign button to add the more than one value to an index.

Click on the Delete sign button delete a index value.

Multiple value to an index

Multiple value to an index


tip Tips:
Here are few tips to increase your productivity with Profile index values:


Using AutoCompete

When a user starts to type in a index field, Docsvault will display options to fill in the field based on earlier typed values. Upon the prompt you can select the options and press [Enter] to accept the value.


If you wish to have your values automatically completed in the index value field itself, enable AutoComplete from Tools > Options > Others dialog.



Deleting an Index Value

Docsvault allows you to delete previously entered values from the value suggestions list. To delete any value, simply click the 'x' that appears when you hover your mouse over the value.




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