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14 reasons Docsvault’s expanded ‘Workflow Automation’ tool is a real game-changer

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Workflow Automation

In a world of technology and innovation, it’s no surprise that organizations are increasingly turning to workflow automation to streamline routine business processes that involve multiple people across various departments for daily jobs such as invoice approvals, employee reviews and leave applications, project approvals, reimbursement requests, budget approvals, etc.


Today, innovative and efficient workflow management is the winning formula for success in any business. Most of the employees including business leaders today spend a good chunk of their work on administrative duties. This creates a need to constantly upgrade their daily task performance by implementing advanced workflow tools and techniques to work more efficiently.

Docsvault’s New Workflow Management Interface can give you high-tech environment with all the bells and whistles below to beat up the old workflow model.

  1. The new and modernized Graphical User Interface makes all the necessary information available for you to speed up your document tasks.
  2. Mandatory index field helps you collect detailed information while routing the document in workflow.
  3. You can now save your precious time by viewing and editing document profile without additional clicks.
  4. You can export your workflow documents along with their profile metadata automatically to a predefined location during a workflow action.
  5. New workflow dialog box eases your collaboration and document task by allowing you to readily see the comments from your previous users.
  6. You can prioritize your document tasks to finish urgent and important jobs with New Workflow Priority option so that you and your team can stay on top of your work.
  7. Users can organize and complete their crucial tasks quickly by changing due date for next step of the workflow.
  8. Document collaboration is made painless as you can attach your comments during workflow to document notes of the main workflow document.
  9. The new workflow interface offers flexibility to add Dynamic Participants to any workflow step to ease user collaboration
  10. You can now easily add new workflow step actions with ‘Automatic Step   Actions’ in new workflow interface that makes your document jobs more  workable.
  11. The New Transition Action – “Set Description’ in Workflow interface offers you detailed explanation of a document in process for a better collaboration.
  12. Documents attached during the workflow are now visible along with the main workflow document in file listings to make it available for your instant reference.
  13. You can easily copy or move your attached documents along with the workflow document during any transition will also move all its attached documents along with it.
  14. You can efficiently access attached files that are related to the main document as in the new workflow interface attached documents will now always be related to the main document.

If you have not yet tried these new workflow tools, time is now! To learn more about the New Workflow Interface, feel free to contact us at