How do I move Docsvault Server Software to a new server machine?
Posted by Ketul Patel on 25 March 2015 06:16 PM

To move your current Docsvault server to a new server machine with or without updating to a new version, follow the steps below:

Server Side:

1. On the old Docsvault server computer log in to the Docsvault Server Manager dialog and perform a manual back up of your current data from under the "Repository > Backup" node to a removable media or a network share which you can access from the new server machine.

2. Go to the "Licensing" node and use the "Deactivate Keys" button to deactivate your license on this old machine.

3. On the new server, install Docsvault Server software by downloading the latest version (or the same version you currently have if you do not want to or are not qualified to upgrade to the latest version) by logging into your Client Center login on our website.

4. Once the server software is installed, start the Docsvault Server Manager and go through the default empty repository configuration. If you are using your own SQL server to host Docsvault data, simply point the configuration wizard to your existing database otherwise let Docsvault install a new SQL Express database for you. 

5. Log in to the Docsvault Server Manager dialog with the new admin password you just supplied and reactivate the new server with the same keys you have from under the 'Licensing' node.

Skip the follwing step if you are using your own SQL server to host Docsvault data.

6. Restore the data that you backed up on the old server from under the "Repository > Restore" node. Once the restore is complete the Server Manager will restart and upgrade to the latest version if you have installed a newer version of Docsvault. At this point your old users and data should have been restored. Use the original admin username and password to login from now on. 

- Reset your backups from Repository > Backups node
- If you use Active Directrory authentication for Docsvault users, you will need to connect the new server to the AD again from Users > AD Settings
- If you use email alerts in Docsvault, reset your outbound SMTP email settings from Alerts > Email Setup

Client Side:

1. If you updated your Docsvault version during this move, install the new version client over the old client on all of your workstations. Note that both the server and client versions should match exactly for proper connection.

2. Point the clients to the new server now by simply deleting the old connection name and adding a new connection name along with the new server's hostname or IP address in the client login form (under options)