Can I save documents from network scanner or Fax machine? Or How does the functionality of "Watched Folders" work?
Posted by Latika on 08 February 2015 06:01 PM

The Watch Folder feature provides a way to automatically move electronic files into Docsvault. The Watch Folder can be created by any member of administrator group on the Server Machine using the 'Server Manager' dialog. Once created, files that are dropped into any watched folder are automatically transferred into the Docsvault Filing Area or directly to a predefined folder. These files can then be accessed by any authorized users from their Docsvault Client application.

Docsvault can be configured to monitor the Watch folders for recently scanned or saved documents and queue them for profiling into Docsvault Filing Area. After documents are imported the original source files can be backed up or removed to avoid content duplication.

The Watched folder utility is ideal for importing scanned files generated from large office scanners, fax machines or multifunction centers that are configured to scan files to any specified folder.