Can data be stored on a network shared folder?
Posted by Latika on 08 February 2015 07:13 PM

SQL database server hosting Docsvault data needs full control over the storage devise to ensure proper writes of data and hence it requires data to reside on a drive that is physically connected to the server machine. So your data cannot be stored on a simple windows shared folder or a mapped shared drive. 

However, it is possible to host Docsvault SQL server database on a NAS device using the iSCSI interface (any good NAS will support this). To setup a iSCSI drive on your server, follow the general steps below:

1. Configure an iSCSI target on your NAS device from your NAS device control interface
2. On the machine running the Docsvault/SQL server start up the iSCSI initiator wizard from Windows Control Panel and fill up the NAS device information
3. Now go to 'Disk Management' in Windows Control Panel and create a new drive from the free space made available by the iSCSI initiation

Your data backups do not have these restrictions and backups can be saved to network shared folders.